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  Bob Evans Restaurants is an American National restaurant chain.  Starting out as a small restaurant, it has now evolved into a corporate brand named company with a separate food division to handle the sale of its frozen and baked goods in several other markets. The restaurants themselves feature a country living theme representing their origin. They sell a full day breakfast along with baked goods and frozen snacks in several locations.   Bob Evans was founded in 1948 by Robert Lewis Evans. The original shop was known as The Sausage shop in a southeastern Ohio farm. He used to make sausages by slaughtering and butchering his own hogs and the demand started to grow. In 1952 it was renamed to what we know it as today.  
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  1. If you received an incorrect order or have a problem with its taste, contact their customer service department
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  4. GrubHub also takes online orders of Bob Evans
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