DoorDash (3)

Dealwithcoupons offers you irresistible DoorDash promo codes and DoorDash voucher codes so you can enjoy fabulous discounts on hundreds of restaurants and worldwide cuisines.   DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service in San Francisco. Formed by students of The Stanford University in 2013, it now employs 6300 people and has expanded to more than 600 cities. It is technology company that uses logistic services to offer food delivery from restaurants on-demand. They empower local businesses and offer employment to people. Connecting people with easier delivery, affordable menus and deliveries along with buildings stronger communities, the try to offer their best services. They offer innovative solutions for food merchants to help them expand their businesses and transform it by putting their restaurant on their website for more engagement. They also strive to ensure that none of the ordered food from their affiliated websites and food companies is wasted through Project Dash.  

  • How to order using DoorDash coupon codes
  1. Open
  2. Type DoorDash promo codes or Doordash discount codes
  3. Copy your required DoorDash voucher code
  4. Go to
  5. Sign up to their website or sign in using facebook
  6. Go through the menus of the various restaurants and select the one you want to order from
  7. After adding your dishes to cart, type in any special instructions and paste your DoorDash coupon code
  8. Type in your delivery instructions, confirm your payment method and proceed to wait for your order.
  • Things to remember
  1. You can order from multiple restaurants at one time however you will have to place those orders differently. Each order from a different restaurant will be subjected to tax and fees
  2. If you want to cancel your order, you can do it until its accepted. Tap the cancel order button on the bottom of your screen. However, if your order has been accepted, contact their customer service department. It will not be subjected to a refund if the order is mid preparation.
  • DoorDash return/complaints policy
  If your delivery instructions weren’t followed properly, use the DoorDash self-help feature for the fastest way to resolve your problem. Click on your most recent order in the orders tab and then press the help button. Click on “items made incorrectly” and follow the displayed prompts. If your food was delivered late, click on the most recent order in the orders tab and press the help button. Click on “arrived late” and submit the form after answering the prompts. The same can be applied for damaged deliveries or any other problems.   Visit our website daily for the updated coupon codes of DoorDash and DoorDash discount codes.   Visit for more information about their offered restaurants, various cuisines and the information about the delivery policies of various restaurants. Make sure to read their terms of use to avoid any future problems